How To Write Your Own Children’s Travel Guide (For Three To Eight Year Olds)

There are four ways to use books to prepare children for travel, but some involve more cake than others. Way Number 1 – Read age-appropriate non-fiction books about the destination Advantages One hundred… Continue reading

Teaching kids to pack: a prospective, randomised, uncontrolled trial

Parents of young travellers have concocted a variety of tools to aid in the development of packing skills in their children, as they transition from incapable neonates to mature adults. In this experiment,… Continue reading

ANZAC Biscuit Diplomacy: a statement on food, national identity, and home-made costumes involving paper plates

from:  Æ to:  Bronwyn date:  21 July 2014 08:49 subject:  So apparently “We have two children going to school now and both of them are expected to be racially harmonious. Don’t forget to… Continue reading


October. That time of year when people everywhere start reconciling themselves to their year’s unfinishable to-do list, while desperately trying not to think of the process as one big metaphor for life; where… Continue reading

Dealing With Customer Service In Eight Easy Lessons, None Of Which Involve A Machete

I won’t go into the sordid details which prompted me to write this post. Suffice to say that if you’re a traveller, an expat, a parent, a member of civilisation, or a person… Continue reading

The Invitation

One story. Five blogs. Infinite paths. Your choice. It’s Saturday morning, and your mum’s telling you to take your little sister to the park. “Unless you want to help me mop the floor,”… Continue reading

Bits of September: Barely Managing

I’ve decided my favourite management technique is all of them. When we used logical consequences our kids honed their rhetorical skills. When we used empathy and connection our kids developed their powers of… Continue reading

The Four Things You Learn In The Dark

Earlier this year, we briefly discussed booking an exotic travel experience for our fifteenth wedding anniversary. “We could go for the weekend to some fabulous foreign city.” “Yes!” “But not together.” “…” “Instead, we’d… Continue reading

My First (And Possibly Last) Blog Giveaway

*The Giveaway Is Now Closed* You can still take the poll for fun, though. I woke early this morning. “Wasn’t expecting to see you conscious,” Æ said. “Yeah! My sleep quality was at… Continue reading

A picture of urine-soaked paper disguised as a request for opinions on old guide books

We’ve been married a little over fifteen years and during that time we’ve lived in twelve different homes. That’s disregarding any stint too brief to make it on to a utilities statement. There was… Continue reading

Apart At The Seams Book Tour

I remember my first chick lit novel: it was the sequel to Bridget Jones’ Diary. What I remember most isn’t (apparently) the title, but the awkward conversation I had with a friend of mine… Continue reading

Bits of August – The Power of Friendship, Milkshakes, and Hypothetical Rifts In The Space-Time Continuum

We did it. We registered P for primary school. Our final choice was made on Wednesday night, just after the Ministry of Education published the list of schools available for Phase Three on… Continue reading