Who Went? One 10mo, one 3yo, mum, dad, and Auntie M. Review: Great little day trip, although it was a very full day for the little ones. They lasted ok, though, as it… Continue reading

Ergo Baby Carrier

How did I get it? I bought it from a baby shop. Where, when and how often do I use it? Absolutely all the time when the kids were younger. Less often since… Continue reading

Passport Holder

You know how you always got on just fine with the cover they gave you at the passport office? Well, not any more. Nowadays you have a fistful of identical-looking documents and airport… Continue reading

Maclaren Volo

How did I get it? I bought it second-hand off ebay. When, where, and how often do I use it? I try to avoid taking it on holidays. Usually it’s easier to sling… Continue reading

Pulau Sibu

Who Went? One 2yo, one 5yo, Mum and Dad, and two more families with one and two kids under five respectively. Review: Back to basics beach holiday, without being too basic. No hassle… Continue reading

Peace and Quiet

Everything is so new and interesting to little kids, it can quickly become overwhelming. Plus, if they’re like mine, they easily become too excited to sleep properly, which only takes a few days… Continue reading


Intended for: 2.5+yo and 5+yo, mum and dad. (Need to be old enough to cope with long car rides.) Overview: Indian railways, Himalayan foothills. Folds in with work trip for mum. Strengths: Sikkim… Continue reading

Happo One, Nozawa Onsen, Tokyo

Update: We used a far more complicated version of this itinerary for our multi-generational holiday to Japan in March 2014. Intended for: one 5yo, one 3yo, mum and dad, grandparents and whichever aunts/uncles/cousins… Continue reading

Pulau Redang, Superstar Virgo

Who Went? One 4yo, one 18mo, mum and dad. Review: Great introduction to the cruise holiday format. Kids loved the novelty of being on board an enormous ship, especially the eldest who was… Continue reading


Who Went? One 4yo, one 18mo, mum and dad. Review: Nice, relaxing holiday off the beaten track. The kids loved sleeping on the train and the destination was quiet and laid back. Reminded… Continue reading