Five Cees (but not “Columbia”)

In the old internet debate between maintaining privacy and “keeping it real”, there can be no finer argument than the ability to look back a year and see that, as a family, we’ve transitioned from… Continue reading

Everything I Know About Getting Into A Local Government School In Singapore As A Foreigner, Plus A Couple Of Things I Probably Made Up

We got the letter last week. P was accepted into a local Singaporean primary school. It wasn’t the one near the place where he once had an oreo milkshake but it was quite near… Continue reading

Ways To Stop Young Travellers Getting Overstimulated (Without Resorting To Actual Sensory Deprivation)

In every discussion I’ve had about travelling with young babies, somebody will say, “Oh, babies are so easy! You just put them in the stroller/carrier and they sleep while you go sightseeing!” My… Continue reading

Five Family Travel Tricks Only Grandma Knows

My parents left last night, and I can only assume they’ve arrived home safely and crashed straight into bed to sleep for a week and/or had their internet and phone connections cut off… Continue reading

SURVIVOR STORIES: How To Travel With A Sleep Thief

Until last week, I thought the highlight of October was going to be P accidentally wearing his sister’s uniform to school, in an incident which will go down in family lore as That… Continue reading


October. That time of year when people everywhere start reconciling themselves to their year’s unfinishable to-do list, while desperately trying not to think of the process as one big metaphor for life; where… Continue reading

Dealing With Customer Service In Eight Easy Lessons, None Of Which Involve A Machete

I won’t go into the sordid details which prompted me to write this post. Suffice to say that if you’re a traveller, an expat, a parent, a member of civilisation, or a person… Continue reading

The Invitation

One story. Five blogs. Infinite paths. Your choice. It’s Saturday morning, and your mum’s telling you to take your little sister to the park. “Unless you want to help me mop the floor,”… Continue reading

Bits of September: Barely Managing

I’ve decided my favourite management technique is all of them. When we used logical consequences our kids honed their rhetorical skills. When we used empathy and connection our kids developed their powers of… Continue reading

The Four Things You Learn In The Dark

Earlier this year, we briefly discussed booking an exotic travel experience for our fifteenth wedding anniversary. “We could go for the weekend to some fabulous foreign city.” “Yes!” “But not together.” “…” “Instead, we’d… Continue reading