Travel Hack: Small Heads, Big Airline Headphones

A pessimist sees the glass as half empty. An optimist sees the glass as half full. An engineer, being of a more practical persuasion, sees a glass which is the wrong size for its purpose.

What if you’re a parent on a plane looking at a set of airline headphones – usually sized for those above five?  Some airlines provide smaller headphones for younger children – which is ideal – and some parents pack their own – which also works, but costs money and takes up precious luggage space for a fairly marginal gain.

I prefer to look at the problem a different way. The headphones aren’t too big per se – they’re just the wrong size for their purpose. Smaller headphones are one solution, but we can also construct a bigger head.

Travel Hack - building a bigger head.

A headphone wrapper can be folded and stuffed inside another headphone wrapper, or you can use a particularly bobbly hat, a clean nappy, a facecloth, or whatever other non-slip padding you feel comfortable supervising carefully so as not to risk suffocation.

Warning: this bag is not a toy.

Warning: this bag is not a toy.

Bonus tip: most entertainment systems on planes are not well placed for viewing by young children. You can still use the onboard entertainment system if you boost them up on onto a nearby lap or use a car seat or firm, seat-sized luggage. We often bring our trunki boostapak for just such a purpose – although unlike some other car seats, it needs to be stowed for takeoff and landing, and possibly also turbulence.

Of course, a tablet or other device can be lowered to the child’s height – so there’s that option as well.

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