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Teaching kids to pack: a prospective, randomised, uncontrolled trial

Parents of young travellers have concocted a variety of tools to aid in the development of packing skills in their children, as they transition from incapable neonates to mature adults. In this experiment,… Continue reading

The Failed Bus Journey from James Bond Island

We bussed five and a half hours from Singapore to KL and four more from Hat Yai to Krabi without trouble. The ride that unhinged us took only an hour. What would you have… Continue reading

Five equipment-free travel games which help ease culture shock by creating a mental cocoon (transport edition)

Managing culture shock in children is a delicate business. I’ve already told you we like to start trips with long periods of overland travel (in order to introduce the kids gently to their… Continue reading

Ways to tackle kids kicking the back of the seat, given that you probably can’t cut their legs off, especially with airline security restrictions against sharp objects

A developmental paediatrician once told me most of his patients were three-year-olds. And most of the time, his treatment involved reassuring parents that their child was, in fact, developmentally normal and would probably… Continue reading

Travel Hack: How To Run Kids Around Safely Whilst Standing Still Holding A Camera

Remember how, when cameras still had wind-on levers and used film cartridges which took several weeks to develop into photos via the local chemist, it was hilarious to take shots in panorama and… Continue reading

Travel Hack: Small Heads, Big Airline Headphones

A pessimist sees the glass as half empty. An optimist sees the glass as half full. An engineer, being of a more practical persuasion, sees a glass which is the wrong size for… Continue reading

Innocents Abroad: A Guide to Japanese Etiquette for Families Travelling with Young Kids

If this was 1897, my panic-buying instinct would be Mark Twain. Because reports of its death have been exaggerated. Here’s what I’ve accumulated so far in the lead-up to our Japanese holiday: At a… Continue reading

Delinquent Itinerants: A Guide To Discipline for Young Travellers

So! So. I’m going to open this can of worms. How do we react when the kids behave poorly on holiday? And when I say “we” I mean you, I’m just trying not to… Continue reading

The Parent (Child, Luggage) Swap

I’m home! Alone. And not because I misplaced the children (again). We decided to maximise the children’s stay with their relatives by using our latest family travel manoeuvre, which I’ve decided to call… Continue reading

Entertainment Tonight

Usually, around this far out from travelling with the kids, I panic and buy something. A new colouring book. Magnetic putty. Pharmaceuticals. But something from the last trip has changed all that. Well, alright,… Continue reading