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I Don’t Wish You A Merry Christmas

I’ll be upfront. We mainly started the charity card tradition as a pre-emptive strike against Gift Disappointment. We figured we’d pair our kids’ presents with an Oxfam picture of a similarly-aged child who was… Continue reading

Dealing With Customer Service In Eight Easy Lessons, None Of Which Involve A Machete

I won’t go into the sordid details which prompted me to write this post. Suffice to say that if you’re a traveller, an expat, a parent, a member of civilisation, or a person… Continue reading

How To Write Your Own Children’s Travel Guide (For Three To Eight Year Olds)

There are four ways to use books to prepare children for travel, but some involve more cake than others. Way Number 1 – Read age-appropriate non-fiction books about the destination Advantages One hundred… Continue reading

ANZAC Biscuit Diplomacy: a statement on food, national identity, and home-made costumes involving paper plates

from:  Æ to:  Bronwyn date:  21 July 2014 08:49 subject:  So apparently “We have two children going to school now and both of them are expected to be racially harmonious. Don’t forget to… Continue reading

How Babies Are Made (And Internet Pornography Avoided): A Guide To Launching Our Six-Year-Old’s Internet Presence

This morning P woke me by snuggling into my bed and asking how babies are made. “I don’t understand how the father helps,” he said. “Does he just sit there and watch?” I… Continue reading

Screen Time: A Healthy Eating Pyramid

This is a post about why – and how – we let our kids (3 and 5) spend up to three hours at a stretch playing with smart phones. I know! I totally shouldn’t… Continue reading

Helicopter Swimming

I’ll get back to our holiday to Japan, I will, but first I want to tell you about something that happened today. We went helicopter swimming. It’s not as fun as that sounds.… Continue reading

Miyazaki for Kids: So Much Better Than Slicing Your Hand Off In An Ice Sculpting Incident

Kids make it hard to concentrate. Even when they’re not interrupting directly – which is rare – part of your mind must remain free in case your five year old strolls through carrying… Continue reading

Innocents Abroad: A Guide to Japanese Etiquette for Families Travelling with Young Kids

If this was 1897, my panic-buying instinct would be Mark Twain. Because reports of its death have been exaggerated. Here’s what I’ve accumulated so far in the lead-up to our Japanese holiday: At a… Continue reading

Hiroo Onoda, the Forty-Eight-Hour Fever, and Everything We Now Know About Surviving Natural Disasters in Japan

Hiroo Onoda fought World War II for 30 years, starting in 1944.  To put that in perspective, it’s about five thousand, four hundred and seventy-five times longer than P spent battling his recent… Continue reading