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Tasmania, especially around Hobart

When I think of Tassie, I don’t think of mania. On the contrary – it has a reputation for being relatively laid back, and remember, I’m comparing it to the rest of Australia.… Continue reading

Family Travel Lab: Toy Box In Your Hair

Something about the thought of long, back-to-back train journeys alone with a five-year-old sent me into a bit of a travel games research spin – which is how my travel entertainment post went… Continue reading

Five Ways to Usher Small Children Through an Airport without Losing or Killing Anyone

I’m sure the reason those top-ten-tips-for-travelling-with-children articles keep telling parents to “gate check the stroller” is because many parents find this solution helpful, and not because there’s some conspiracy of people who enjoy… Continue reading

My Kids, India’s Food

Our son is a terrifically good eater, so long as we serve him food which is devoid of chilli or cumin. And hide the mushrooms. Oh, and don’t serve him drinks other than… Continue reading

Active Service: Travel Snacks for Children

What can the ordinary, travelling parent learn from US Navy Seals about snacking on the go? It’s a question anybody would ask, should their daughter randomly haul The US Navy Seal Guide To… Continue reading

Riding The Indian Railway

Some people travel to see what’s there. Others are looking for something. In India, I want to find bustling train stations; long stretches of track curling into wherever; hundreds of well-worked carriages rocking… Continue reading

Ain’t Misbehaving – Late Toddler (2-3yo)

This post is part of a series about planning for good behaviour when travelling with young kids. It’s a kind of developmental approach. You can find the introduction here and I’ve also written… Continue reading