Travel Hack: How To Run Kids Around Safely Whilst Standing Still Holding A Camera

Remember how, when cameras still had wind-on levers and used film cartridges which took several weeks to develop into photos via the local chemist, it was hilarious to take shots in panorama and have everyone pose in each shot? Of course you do.

Well, cameras have changed, but the hilarity of panoramas containing multiple iterations of everybody hasn’t. This game is perfect for keeping the kids occupied at scenic locations nearby boring historical whatevers that boring adults want to look at for boring-ever.

Simply line them up at the start of the shot:

travel hack panorama

And tell them to run across behind you to a pre-defined end point:

travel hack panorama jumping title

Then tell them you messed it up and will have to take another, and another, and another, until you think they’ve had enough running around:

travel hack panorama stuff up 2

travel hack panorama stuff up

travel hack panorama nice

Then for that little bit of extra mileage, tell them to get crazy with it:

travel hack panorama crazy

Of course, you can always go for the classic jump shot (as demonstrated by Sue on her family travels to Jamaica) – useful for variation or scenarios with less running space.

Or try these cheesy ideas from Mary at The World Is A Book.

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