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It’s not all about me! It’s also about people who notice me. And work with me, or at least near me. Or are just judged as awesome by me. On this page:

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Featured Posts

Guest Posts


  • The Invitation – One story, five blogs, infinite paths, your choice. A choose-your-own blog collaboration.

Bits of the Month

I can’t keep up with the whole internet (it turns out), so Bits Of The Month is an opportunity to share the best of what’s happened.

This replaces the quarterly Neighbourhood Noticeboard.

Awards And Special Mentions

  • Sue noted that I talk a lot and I’m totally counting it as an “award”.
  • I was also nominated in week one of the MADS Family Travel Blog Award (for which I’m unfortunately ineligible, but thanks for thinking of me!)

In addition, thank you to my fellow bloggers for these community awards:

To contact me about blogging collaborations, email or use one of these other options. If this is a commercial enquiry, you might want to read my review policy first.