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Travel Hack: How To Run Kids Around Safely Whilst Standing Still Holding A Camera

Remember how, when cameras still had wind-on levers and used film cartridges which took several weeks to develop into photos via the local chemist, it was hilarious to take shots in panorama and… Continue reading

Travel Hack: Small Heads, Big Airline Headphones

A pessimist sees the glass as half empty. An optimist sees the glass as half full. An engineer, being of a more practical persuasion, sees a glass which is the wrong size for… Continue reading

Ten (Comparatively) Fun Things To Do With An Airline Sick Bag

On Saturday morning, before I’d even stumbled out of bed, I was greeted by an offer of tea. P had shaken his fever and was sporting the newly-reinvigorated disposition of the recently sick.… Continue reading

The Parent (Child, Luggage) Swap

I’m home! Alone. And not because I misplaced the children (again). We decided to maximise the children’s stay with their relatives by using our latest family travel manoeuvre, which I’ve decided to call… Continue reading

Children and Squat Toilets: Everything you ever wanted to know and a whole stack of things you probably didn’t

On more than one occasion (i.e. two occasions) I have introduced the child of a newly-arrived expat to the ways of the squat toilet. Usually this is because squat toilets are less popular… Continue reading

The Land of Nod: Sleep Options for Travelling with Young Children

To some, holidays are for sleeping in. To others, holidays are for staying up. In our house, opinions are divided – the parents like to sleep in and the kids like to stay… Continue reading

Everything and the Big Reveal

So! I was under the impression that we were going to have wifi at the Bangalore hotel (probably because it was advertised as having wifi), and technically, I guess, we did – but… Continue reading