Teaching kids to pack: a prospective, randomised, uncontrolled trial

Parents of young travellers have concocted a variety of tools to aid in the development of packing skills in their children, as they transition from incapable neonates to mature adults. In this experiment,… Continue reading

Bits of July: How To Ensure People Listen To You

People don’t listen to me as often as I think they should – or, rather, when I think they should. (Certain kids seem good enough at hearing what I don’t want them to.)… Continue reading

“Dying is Very Bad Feng-Shui”

One of the first books I picked up as a newly-arrived expat to Singapore was The Feng Shui Detective Goes South. I have to say the rest of my expat experience hasn’t been… Continue reading

ANZAC Biscuit Diplomacy: a statement on food, national identity, and home-made costumes involving paper plates

from:  Æ to:  Bronwyn date:  21 July 2014 08:49 subject:  So apparently “We have two children going to school now and both of them are expected to be racially harmonious. Don’t forget to… Continue reading

How Babies Are Made (And Internet Pornography Avoided): A Guide To Launching Our Six-Year-Old’s Internet Presence

This morning P woke me by snuggling into my bed and asking how babies are made. “I don’t understand how the father helps,” he said. “Does he just sit there and watch?” I… Continue reading

The Failed Bus Journey from James Bond Island

We bussed five and a half hours from Singapore to KL and four more from Hat Yai to Krabi without trouble. The ride that unhinged us took only an hour. What would you have… Continue reading

Kid Start Now – P’s First Holiday Camp

A few months ago I was sitting around planting seeds of enthusiasm into P’s brain for some sort of holiday camp. “What’s a holiday camp?” The inclusion of the word “camp” had obviously… Continue reading

Just Like The Wind

This post will be quick. Mainly to help create an illusion that my run was, likewise, speedy. When I first heard about the 9th International Laguna Phuket “Family Run” I was full of… Continue reading

Tea and Coaxing: a Savage Journey into the Heart of my Writing Process

Part One We were somewhere around bath time on the edge of a long day when the tiredness began to take hold. I remember saying something like, “I feel a bit lightheaded. I… Continue reading

Bits of June: No Sleep Til Friday

It was my fault at the beginning. Actually, no. Scratch that. The school holidays have been going on for a month now and I’ve reached the point where staying up til 2am mindlessly… Continue reading