Thredbo, Sydney

Who Went? One child, 2yo, mum and dad and a group of childless friends. Review: The ski trip was an ideal choice for a holiday with childless friends, largely because we could so… Continue reading

Packing List

How To Use This List: If your kids are at least three years’ old, print out the children’s lists linked just below. Cross out “pyjamas”. Explain that “swimsuit” means “togs” and “flip-flops” means… Continue reading

The Journey As Destination

I remember a family shopping trip to the mall. I put forward a plan to bring younger child to shop X and for my husband to follow with the elder child. He agreed,… Continue reading


One of the things we learned the hard way was this: kids can get culture shock! I’m not sure if this sounds obvious to you, but I tend to think of kids as… Continue reading

Battambang, Siem Reap

Who Went?  One 4yo, one 22mo, mum and dad. Review: A great little itinerary. The hotel in Phnom Penh had a pool and a restaurant serving Western food which, combined with the ride… Continue reading

Borobudur, Indonesia

Intended for: One 5yo, one 2yo, mum and dad. Overview: History, culture, villages, scenery, geology. Maybe even actual volcanos, if we can swing it without putting everyone’s lives in too much danger. Bikes.… Continue reading