The Spy Who Loved Krabi

The short version is we travelled a long way, then we stopped. The long version is more exciting. It involves the underhanded thrill of bribery, mad dashes for trains, murderous hunters, vicious poisons,… Continue reading


There’s little that would make more sense (given the prevailing heat and humidity of Singapore) than spending this solstice weekend peering at our nearest star through a filtered telescope. No wait! There’s at least five… Continue reading

Krabi, Phuket

We did lots of stuff in Thailand other than ward off culture shock (and concern over military coups) using therapeutic travel games. We also admired limestone karsts, climbed twelve hundred and sixty steps to… Continue reading

Five equipment-free travel games which help ease culture shock by creating a mental cocoon (transport edition)

Managing culture shock in children is a delicate business. I’ve already told you we like to start trips with long periods of overland travel (in order to introduce the kids gently to their… Continue reading

Five equipment-free travel games which help ease culture shock by promoting gentle engagement (transport edition)

We made it to Phuket – by bus, LRT, train, minivan, and taxi. Not everyone appreciates the wisdom of travelling overland like this with two kids, aged three and six, but our reasons… Continue reading

Bits of May: How To Look Smart And Alienate People

Last week, I was accused of being “smart”. I felt a bit guilty about it, because I didn’t even come up with the technique which gives that impression. The trick, you see, is… Continue reading

Race Around The World: An Australian in Singapore

When Holistic Wayfarer invited me to join her Race Around The World project, what I thought wasn’t,”Oh! This is a great chance to show how enlightened we all are as a family!” Instead,… Continue reading

Yeah, but, like, we’re totally going to Phuket

Somehow I never managed to work this in to my post about Leon’s seven-hundred-kilometre bike ride from Bangkok to Phuket, entitled Guess Who’s Going To Phuket? I meant to. But anyway, we’re going… Continue reading

I May Have Overshot A Little (Travelling Anywhere With Sensitive Children)

It’s not a secret we’ve had to deal with a rigid and sensitive traveller – one who suffers culture shock badly, finds it hard to sleep in strange places, and refuses foreign foods.… Continue reading

Bringing Your Pet To Singapore: What Your Vet Wishes You Knew

As some of you know, I’m a vet. This is a great qualification to have as a mum, because when your child defiantly asserts that he could eat what you just told him… Continue reading