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Yeah, but, like, we’re totally going to Phuket

Somehow I never managed to work this in to my post about Leon’s seven-hundred-kilometre bike ride from Bangkok to Phuket, entitled Guess Who’s Going To Phuket? I meant to. But anyway, we’re going… Continue reading

Miyazaki for Kids: So Much Better Than Slicing Your Hand Off In An Ice Sculpting Incident

Kids make it hard to concentrate. Even when they’re not interrupting directly – which is rare – part of your mind must remain free in case your five year old strolls through carrying… Continue reading

Innocents Abroad: A Guide to Japanese Etiquette for Families Travelling with Young Kids

If this was 1897, my panic-buying instinct would be Mark Twain. Because reports of its death┬áhave been exaggerated. Here’s what I’ve accumulated so far in the lead-up to our Japanese holiday: At a… Continue reading

Hiroo Onoda, the Forty-Eight-Hour Fever, and Everything We Now Know About Surviving Natural Disasters in Japan

Hiroo Onoda fought World War II for 30 years, starting in 1944. ┬áTo put that in perspective, it’s about five thousand, four hundred and seventy-five times longer than P spent battling his recent… Continue reading

Bloomin’ Cherries

The best-laid travel plans can be altered by forces of nature. Fiery volcanos. Raging typhoons. Blooming cherries. With only two must-sees on our family’s list of Things To Do In Japan – snow… Continue reading

Karaoke Mama

It’s January, and everyone, everywhere is still sure they’re about to become bigger, well not bigger, but better and just awesomer over the next twelve months. After all – we’ve blogged our resolutions.… Continue reading

Tasmania, especially around Hobart

When I think of Tassie, I don’t think of mania. On the contrary – it has a reputation for being relatively laid back, and remember, I’m comparing it to the rest of Australia.… Continue reading


In hindsight, it’s a stretch to say I “decided” to buy a new outfit for this wedding in India. What I actually did was get kind of swept from one scenario to the… Continue reading

Permission to Come Abroard

Imagine my daughter and I near Farrer Road MRT station, blinking in the sunlight and saying, “Well. That’s that then.” Not exciting? It was to us. We have just, you see, submitted our… Continue reading

My Kids, India’s Food

Our son is a terrifically good eater, so long as we serve him food which is devoid of chilli or cumin. And hide the mushrooms. Oh, and don’t serve him drinks other than… Continue reading