Yeah, but, like, we’re totally going to Phuket

Somehow I never managed to work this in to my post about Leon’s seven-hundred-kilometre bike ride from Bangkok to Phuket, entitled Guess Who’s Going To Phuket? I meant to.

He made it, by the way, and raised SGD$2060 - enough for fifteen bikes. Here's a picture.

He made it, by the way, and raised SGD$2060 – enough for fifteen bikes. Here’s a picture.

But anyway, we’re going to Phuket. Æ* broke the news of our upcoming trip in conversation with a friend over the weekend, and his listener paused uncertainly til he added, “We’re travelling up by bus, train and possibly boat. I’m registered for the half marathon, and Bronwyn’s doing the 2k run with P.”

“Ah,” she said. “I knew there’d be something.” Apparently some people just fly there and spend the whole week sitting round on the beach with mojitos.

So far, most of my attention’s been on the bus and train bit. From Singapore, you first need to get to KL, where you can connect to a separate train from KL to Hat Yai, at which point you hop into a bus or a taxi. Full details can be found at Seat61 (you’ll need to scroll down a bit).

After searching the KTMB site for availability on both legs, we picked a date and I started booking in chronological order, except by the time I’d booked the Singapore-KL leg, the KL-Hat Yai leg for that evening was all sold out.

So I rung the customer service line who said they were actually just an information line and I would have to make my own way to Woodlands Train Checkpoint to do anything about it – which I did, but as we live pretty far from Woodlands and I was toting a three-year-old whose favourite trick is announcing she needs to go to the toilet at ten-minute intervals (“You need to stop drinking so much!” “My teacher at school said I have to drink much!“) it took, quite ironically, about as much time to get there and back as it usually does to get by bus all the way to KL.

And when I got there, they were sold out of alternative dates. Book early, people, and book right.

I have an overnight train booking for the KL to Hat Yai leg, though, and I’ve managed to secure seats on a Singapore-KL bus, and I even got a 75% cancellation refund on my initial set of train tickets which I spent on a flight home, but in the process I’ve lost a lot of my initial energy for researching activities and accommodation, which is where you come in.

Can you help us?

I’ll give you a rough outline of our intended itinerary, and you can wax lyrical about that time you went to Thailand/read a thing about Thailand/fantasised about rock climbing in Thailand/did a 2k run with a 6yo/took a 5-hour bus trip with a toddler who can’t hold her water/etc and maybe provide a link to your blog post or pinterest board or uniquely-specific hashtag, if you have one. Honestly, it doesn’t even have to be a hundred percent relevant, just inspiring. Deal? Alright.

Intended Itinerary:

Day One

  • Singapore -> KL by bus
  • Several hours’ sightseeing in KL
  • Board train KL -> Hat Yai
  • Overnight on board train

Day Two

  • Lunchtime arrival in Hat Yai
  • Minibus to Krabi (4hrs)
  • Overnight Krabi

Days Three and Four

  • Krabi

Day Five

  • Krabi -> Phuket, either by road or by boat
  • Overnight Phuket

Days Six and Seven

  • Phuket

Day Eight

  • Fly Phuket -> Singapore

[End Itinerary]

What do you think?

*I’ve been referring to my husband as A on this blog, but I find it confusing, because it’s also a word in the English language. I don’t know how you’re getting on with it. Anyway, I’m experimenting with the handle Æ instead. Let me know. Especially if you’re Æ.

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