Tasmania, especially around Hobart

When I think of Tassie, I don’t think of mania. On the contrary – it has a reputation for being relatively laid back, and remember, I’m comparing it to the rest of Australia.

Perhaps that’s why I haven’t organised anything to do there despite the fact we’re arriving this weekend. Although actually! I have organised for my sister to pick us up from the airport with a spare car seat, and maybe give us a tent so P can sleep out in her back yard (his idea, I swear). Oh, and I read a lot on the internet about the fromagerie at King Island Dairy before I realised you have to fly there and this was- ok, well:

Although I haven’t organised anything after our arrival, I’ve spent a great deal of time contemplating our journey there, because I’m taking the kids by myself. I’ve flown solo with both of them before, but this is the first time I’m flying solo with both of them on the red eye to Sydney, collecting our bags at something like 4am Singapore time, clearing everyone through immigration and customs/quarantine, re-checking the bags, and getting everyone from the international to the domestic terminal for our onward flight before it, and indeed all the nuclear energy locked within our 4.3-million-kilometre-wide sun, departs forever.

I’m so glad they’ve come down with head colds and ear aches!

Using a series of balls, each representing a different body in our solar system, I attempt to make P understand the amount of time we don't have to reach our connecting flight.

Using a series of balls, each representing a different body in our solar system, I attempt to make P understand the amount of time we won’t have to reach our connecting flight.

Possibly this explains my lack of motivation to arrange stuff for “when” we get there. On the off-chance we do make it, however, I should at least rustle up a list of options to ignore in favour of lying around on my sister’s couch shouting intermittently at the children to stop looking at each other like that can’t you see it’s driving your brother crazy why don’t you play outside for a change there’s a whole yard out there don’t you know? (Just kidding sis! I will let them screech indoors unless they’re actually punching.)

Luckily, Where’s Sharon (the blogger from Hobart) has done most of my work for me. She has a number of posts listing things to do in Tasmania, including this one on the region around Hobart. Mountains! Caves! Rivers! Thermal pools! Etc! Thanks once again, Sharon, that’s tops!

I tried looking into farm and food factory tours, but I haven’t found any near Hobart which don’t require you to BYO group of at least ten adults. (Although I did find some Australian dairy tours which might be accessible from Brisbane towards the end of the trip, and these Australian chocolate tours, which will not be accessible to us at all this time but I hope it helps someone). There’s the Cadbury Visitor’s Centre of course – although it’s a shame they no longer run the factory tours. Hat tip to Thrifty Travel Mama for her Luxembourg-based farm/food factory inspiration. We’re still working on it.

I’m planning to give my sister the job of investigating pick-your-own fruit options (the hat tip goes to Italy Take Two for that idea) and I’ll let you know what we find out.

Sister also mumbled something about… an island? a marina? a beach? To be honest, I was too busy lecturing P on how he has to help me through Sydney airport before the sun morphs into a red giant and swallows Jupiter to really commit any of it to memory. It’ll be a surprise! A big, family, Christmas surprise.

Updates: Found some pictures from Everyday Adventure’s walk up Mount Wellington.

And Y Travel Blog (thanks Travelling Frenchies!) has a whole stack of posts on Tasmania, including one on farm stays at Brickendon Farm – although I’m not sure yet if we’ve left enough notice. (End updates.)

If you have anything to add, please tell me. I’m after budget-friendly, public-transport-accessible suggestions for young, active children in the Hobart and surrounding areas. And perhaps one or two further afield, for when my sister decides it’s worth lending me her car just to get a couple of days’ peace and quiet. I’m also after words of moral support. Whatever you’ve got, really.