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The Spy Who Loved Krabi

The short version is we travelled a long way, then we stopped. The long version is more exciting. It involves the underhanded thrill of bribery, mad dashes for trains, murderous hunters, vicious poisons,… Continue reading

Hobart, near Hobart, and only slightly further away from Hobart

Our Tasmanian holiday was merry and fabulous and wonderful and inspiring and joyful and delightful and merry – judging from the photos, which for practical reasons weren’t taken when I was otherwise occupied… Continue reading

Tasmania, especially around Hobart

When I think of Tassie, I don’t think of mania. On the contrary – it has a reputation for being relatively laid back, and remember, I’m comparing it to the rest of Australia.… Continue reading

Rope Roadways of Chiatura, Georgia (plus Odessa, Batumi and Tbilisi)

Let me guess – you found me via a Chiatura-related search engine term. I knew it! This post is peppered (peppered!) with links to information about travelling (and climbing) to/from/around Georgia, especially Chiatura,… Continue reading

Axles of Choice

I promised my son the final choice on our mother-son train trip across India from Bangalore. Not just a real choice, as opposed to one of those demands politely phrased as “choices” we’ve… Continue reading

Shadows on the Screen

This is how you leave a place: you tell yourself you’ll come back. And maybe you will. But sometimes, far down the road, you wonder what on earth you’d be coming back for.… Continue reading

Riding The Indian Railway

Some people travel to see what’s there. Others are looking for something. In India, I want to find bustling train stations; long stretches of track curling into wherever; hundreds of well-worked carriages rocking… Continue reading

Blue Mountains

Recently, my lovely friend Vita of PhotoVita posted some pics of her Blue Mountains family weekend on facebook. I couldn’t resist interviewing her about her stay, partly because I have fond, but very… Continue reading

Durundur Railway and Storey Brook Cottage, Woodford

Who went?¬†We have done this day trip a couple of times, with a single 2yo and again with a 1yo and a 4yo. Adults have included Mum, Dad, Granddad, Grandma, Nanny (other Grandma),… Continue reading


Who Went? One 12mo, Mum and Dad, Nanny and Pa (Grandmother and Grandfather). Review: This trip was timed to fold in with a conference for Mum. Pa is not big on sightseeing, P… Continue reading