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Innocents Abroad: A Guide to Japanese Etiquette for Families Travelling with Young Kids

If this was 1897, my panic-buying instinct would be Mark Twain. Because reports of its death┬áhave been exaggerated. Here’s what I’ve accumulated so far in the lead-up to our Japanese holiday: At a… Continue reading

Five Ways to Usher Small Children Through an Airport without Losing or Killing Anyone

I’m sure the reason those top-ten-tips-for-travelling-with-children articles keep telling parents to “gate check the stroller” is because many parents find this solution helpful, and not because there’s some conspiracy of people who enjoy… Continue reading

Travel Insurance: The Devil in the Detail

When the excellent Where’s Sharon? wrote this helpful guest post about travelling pregnant, there was one very important thing she didn’t highlight: pregnancy travel insurance may not really exist. I’ve checked. Now, I… Continue reading

An Eight-Year-Old’s Guide to Bangalore

I’ve often thought about a family holiday to India, but in my mind it always went more like this, mainly because one of our children hates noise and commotion, having his picture taken,… Continue reading