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Ain’t Misbehaving – Late Toddler (2-3yo)

This post is part of a series about planning for good behaviour when travelling with young kids. It’s a kind of developmental approach. You can find the introduction here and I’ve also written… Continue reading

An Eight-Year-Old’s Guide to Bangalore

I’ve often thought about a family holiday to India, but in my mind it always went more like this, mainly because one of our children hates noise and commotion, having his picture taken,… Continue reading

The Conscious Traveller

Those who have clocked the rate at which I mention wine on this blog may think I’m about to go in a different direction here, but I’m actually pausing in my frantic research… Continue reading

Stand Up Paddle, Singapore

What have you been up to this Sunday? We’ve been stand up paddle boarding, and for two reasons: 1. It’s pretty awesome. The beach. The ocean. And – not to sound like the… Continue reading

Ain’t Misbehaving – Crawlers and Early Toddlers (8mo – 2yo)

This post is part of a series about planning for good behaviour when travelling with young kids. It starts with my general approach and continues with a section on babes in arms. This… Continue reading

Celestron Travelscope 70

How did I get it? A few months ago, I went down to our local telescope shop to look into making a purchase, and quickly became overwhelmed. So I employed that tried and… Continue reading

Kids and Jet Lag – Your Sleep Issues Multiplied

Does your child yawn when tired? Do you see eye-rubbing or a tell-tale glassy-eyed stare? Do they start to droop sleepily and cuddle in with their head on your shoulder when they need… Continue reading

Brisbane, Gold Coast

We’ve made it home unscathed from our trip to the Gold Coast, so let’s see how it compared to our original plans. Who Went? One 2yo, one 5yo, Mum and Dad (plus meet-ups… Continue reading

Gold Coast

Trips Down

I’ve been feeling quite nostalgic this week, and not just because we’re back in our old stomping grounds of Brisbane. Actually, it probably is that. By the way, if you’re a thief you… Continue reading