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Two Ways From Harbourfront Station

What don’t we like about Singapore? The miraculously unvandalised indoor-outdoor public toilets? The seemingly endless birthday party rehearsals? The laws specifically directing us not to spit, chew gum, or point lasers at aircraft?… Continue reading

Rope Roadways of Chiatura, Georgia (plus Odessa, Batumi and Tbilisi)

Let me guess – you found me via a Chiatura-related search engine term. I knew it! This post is peppered (peppered!) with links to information about travelling (and climbing) to/from/around Georgia, especially Chiatura,… Continue reading

Axles of Choice

I promised my son the final choice on our mother-son train trip across India from Bangalore. Not just a real choice, as opposed to one of those demands politely phrased as “choices” we’ve… Continue reading

Active Service: Travel Snacks for Children

What can the ordinary, travelling parent learn from US Navy Seals about snacking on the go? It’s a question anybody would ask, should their daughter randomly haul The US Navy Seal Guide To… Continue reading

Bonsai and Gangnam Style

Have you ever been on a long-haul flight home from somewhere across the world, when all of a sudden the plane lands and the pilot says, “Yeah, we’re in Singapore, you have to… Continue reading

Travel Insurance: The Devil in the Detail

When the excellent Where’s Sharon? wrote this helpful guest post about travelling pregnant, there was one very important thing she didn’t highlight: pregnancy travel insurance may not really exist. I’ve checked. Now, I… Continue reading

The Cat Herder and the Organised Holiday

When the cat’s away- I’m experimenting with bringing back 70’s disco-speak, since I didn’t get to try it the first time around. Mum – if you’re reading – feel free to tell me… Continue reading

New York, New York (and Boston)

A (aka Dad) left on a business trip to New York this morning. It happens occasionally. When he announced it a few weeks back, I did what I always do on these occasions:… Continue reading

Children and Chopsticks

Lots of kids have the opportunity to travel at least as far as their local Chinese takeaway, and although we all know you can fall back on hand-feeding or forks, why would you… Continue reading

Riding The Indian Railway

Some people travel to see what’s there. Others are looking for something. In India, I want to find bustling train stations; long stretches of track curling into wherever; hundreds of well-worked carriages rocking… Continue reading