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I Don’t Wish You A Merry Christmas

I’ll be upfront. We mainly started the charity card tradition as a pre-emptive strike against Gift Disappointment. We figured we’d pair our kids’ presents with an Oxfam picture of a similarly-aged child who was… Continue reading

#Countdown2Xmas: Advent-ures in Calendar Making

I was organised this year. I found one of these cute little Kaiser Craft house things with twenty-five windows and thought, “Ooh! The kids and I will have fun! We’ll decorate it ourselves… Continue reading

An Expat Christmas, Singapore

Following a long tradition of expatriates in Singapore, we’ve left for the holidays. This is actually the ghost of wordpress talking to you, or at least it will be if this scheduled post… Continue reading

This Week In Festivities

It’s been a week of festivities here. It started off with Ginny’s Blog Shine Sunday, at which I was honoured to be mentioned along with six other bloggers. Ginny writes about minimalism, which… Continue reading