Bloomin’ Cherries

The best-laid travel plans can be altered by forces of nature. Fiery volcanos. Raging typhoons. Blooming cherries. With only two must-sees on our family’s list of Things To Do In Japan – snow… Continue reading

Delinquent Itinerants: A Guide To Discipline for Young Travellers

So! So. I’m going to open this can of worms. How do we react when the kids behave poorly on holiday? And when I say “we” I mean you, I’m just trying not to… Continue reading

The Saga of the Smashed Glass Window

Tasmania is famous for its seafood. Maybe that’s why P came the raw prawn. “This rock just… fell from the sky!” he said. His voice oozed wonder as he described, in detail, the… Continue reading

Karaoke Mama

It’s January, and everyone, everywhere is still sure they’re about to become bigger, well not bigger, but better and just awesomer over the next twelve months. After all – we’ve blogged our resolutions.… Continue reading

Hobart, near Hobart, and only slightly further away from Hobart

Our Tasmanian holiday was merry and fabulous and wonderful and inspiring and joyful and delightful and merry – judging from the photos, which for practical reasons weren’t taken when I was otherwise occupied… Continue reading

The Parent (Child, Luggage) Swap

I’m home! Alone. And not because I misplaced the children (again). We decided to maximise the children’s stay with their relatives by using our latest family travel manoeuvre, which I’ve decided to call… Continue reading

I walked towards them, but instead of an eternal release from my suffering I just got a sausage

I was planning to sort of coast quietly into Christmas, on account of how many people are either away or too busy with the festivities to read and comment on blogs and also… Continue reading

Now For The Cricket

When I said we were probably on a plane to Brisbane, like, right now, it turns out I was lying. You see, I’d tossed up whether to book our flights for Tuesday the… Continue reading

Caption Competition – Road Sign in India

Presumably, we have been having a rollicking good time in Tasmania, getting our fresh air, fresh oysters, and proper look at some proper geography, and now we are looking forward to another flight… Continue reading


The only way I can ensure we arrive at our destination with everyone’s toothbrushes is to use the trip as an excuse to upgrade to new ones.