Miyazaki for Kids: So Much Better Than Slicing Your Hand Off In An Ice Sculpting Incident

Kids make it hard to concentrate. Even when they’re not interrupting directly – which is rare – part of your mind must remain free in case your five year old strolls through carrying… Continue reading

Innocents Abroad: A Guide to Japanese Etiquette for Families Travelling with Young Kids

If this was 1897, my panic-buying instinct would be Mark Twain. Because reports of its death have been exaggerated. Here’s what I’ve accumulated so far in the lead-up to our Japanese holiday: At a… Continue reading

Multicultural Kids Blogs Telephone VLog

This week the Multicultural Kids Bloggers are vlogging about family travel. By telephone. Well, it’s a conversation, you see, it’s like face time, around the world. My question came from Cordelia of Multilingual… Continue reading

The Non-Competitive Children’s Birthday

I’m a terribly stingy mother. P didn’t have a proper birthday party until he was four. To mark the occasion, I decided to do all the stuff you’re supposed to – a theme… Continue reading

Jack Neo: The Film-Going Expat’s Guide To Singapore

It’s Singapore, and you can tell another year’s started because there’s a new Jack Neo film in the cinema. You’ve got to admire the man’s ability to put moving pictures on a screen, although… Continue reading

DC, as in Washington

The most specific memory I have of Washington DC  is of freaking out the president’s security guards. Oh sure, we wandered around the Mall, the Smithsonians, the Lincoln Memorial, the White House (exterior)… Continue reading

Used Bikes for the New Year (plus a second-hand shopping guide to Singapore)

It’s Chinese New Year in Singapore, and if the terrible puns (let’s gallop into an horse-picious new year; wishing you good luck and horse-perity) haven’t clued you in on which animal’s up next in… Continue reading

Ten (Comparatively) Fun Things To Do With An Airline Sick Bag

On Saturday morning, before I’d even stumbled out of bed, I was greeted by an offer of tea. P had shaken his fever and was sporting the newly-reinvigorated disposition of the recently sick.… Continue reading

The Neighbourhood Journey Board – January to March 2014

This is the idea, and the idea is this. It’s like a noticeboard, but with the word “journey” in the title, because life is a “journey” and because “noticeboard” sounded a bit bland… Continue reading

Hiroo Onoda, the Forty-Eight-Hour Fever, and Everything We Now Know About Surviving Natural Disasters in Japan

Hiroo Onoda fought World War II for 30 years, starting in 1944.  To put that in perspective, it’s about five thousand, four hundred and seventy-five times longer than P spent battling his recent… Continue reading