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Camping on Pulau Ubin

What would you do if you had a long weekend in south-east Asia? Don’t tell me yet. Last week, I trawled through websites, blogs, and even had actual conversations, gathering answer after answer.… Continue reading

Being On Malpe Beach (Story at Top, Guide At Bottom)

We took our swimming togs with us to the beach, but we never used them. On the train from Bangalore to Udupi, apropos (as far as I could tell) of nothing, P suddenly… Continue reading

Axles of Choice

I promised my son the final choice on our mother-son train trip across India from Bangalore. Not just a real choice, as opposed to one of those demands politely phrased as “choices” we’ve… Continue reading


Who Went? One 2yo and Mum. I also took an embryo, so technically it was my first solo trip with two children. We met up with Vita and her son, and also D.… Continue reading

Blue Mountains

Recently, my lovely friend Vita of PhotoVita posted some pics of her Blue Mountains family weekend on facebook. I couldn’t resist interviewing her about her stay, partly because I have fond, but very… Continue reading

Moffat Beach

Who went?¬†21mo and his 5yo cousin, Mum, Dad and Aunty Z, Nanny and Pa. Review:¬†Nice, low-key getaway. The apartment allowed for both private and communal areas which always improves everyone’s ability to get… Continue reading


Who Went? One 5mo, Mum and Dad. Review: This was our first ever holiday as parents. We brought our pre-weaning baby in arms and although we paid lip-service to the idea that things… Continue reading


Who went? One 2yo, mum and dad. Review: Nice little package. The tilt train is a great idea for the junior trainspotter and the ride to Miriam Vale didn’t outstay its welcome by… Continue reading

Binna Burra

Who Went? One 7mo, mum and dad. Review: Not a bad choice for a short trip. We stayed in one of the Casuarina Rooms at the Mountain Lodge, which was very comfortable –… Continue reading

Pulau Sibu

Who Went? One 2yo, one 5yo, Mum and Dad, and two more families with one and two kids under five respectively. Review: Back to basics beach holiday, without being too basic. No hassle… Continue reading