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Team Arrow Goes Like The (Solar) Wind

If, like me, you are so enmeshed with your electronic devices that you don’t manually follow things like “dates” and “times” anymore, preferring instead to rely on your thingy to bingle when something… Continue reading

Rope Roadways of Chiatura, Georgia (plus Odessa, Batumi and Tbilisi)

Let me guess – you found me via a Chiatura-related search engine term. I knew it! This post is peppered (peppered!) with links to information about travelling (and climbing) to/from/around Georgia, especially Chiatura,… Continue reading

Poiseidon Underwater Resort

Last year, during our eldest’s oceanic phase, he begged us several times to book a holiday at the Poiseiden Underwater Resort in Fiji. Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on whose point of view you… Continue reading

Hong Kong

Who Went? 3yo, 9mo, Mum and Dad, Grandmother (“Nanny”). Mum attended a two-day conference. Review: From my point of view it worked ok. Dad and Nanny seemed a little stressed a couple of… Continue reading


Who Went? One 5mo, Mum and Dad. Review: This was our first ever holiday as parents. We brought our pre-weaning baby in arms and although we paid lip-service to the idea that things… Continue reading

Paris, Nice, and In Between

I took my five-year-old to get some groceries today, and on the way back we stopped at the local kopitiam for a teh and a fruit jelly ice. As we were waiting for… Continue reading


Who went? One 2yo, mum and dad. Review: Nice little package. The tilt train is a great idea for the junior trainspotter and the ride to Miriam Vale didn’t outstay its welcome by… Continue reading

Battambang, Siem Reap

Who Went?  One 4yo, one 22mo, mum and dad. Review: A great little itinerary. The hotel in Phnom Penh had a pool and a restaurant serving Western food which, combined with the ride… Continue reading

Borobudur, Indonesia

Intended for: One 5yo, one 2yo, mum and dad. Overview: History, culture, villages, scenery, geology. Maybe even actual volcanos, if we can swing it without putting everyone’s lives in too much danger. Bikes.… Continue reading