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An Expat Christmas, Singapore

Following a long tradition of expatriates in Singapore, we’ve left for the holidays. This is actually the ghost of wordpress talking to you, or at least it will be if this scheduled post… Continue reading

Sneak Preview: Amazon River Quest, Singapore

Today, we had a sneak preview of the soon-to-be opened Amazon River Quest boat ride at River Safari, Singapore. This happened either because I’m considered a Very Influential Blogger (VIB)¬†or because we were… Continue reading

Twenty-Four Gift Ideas (Plus A Bonus Idea) for Travellers, Expats, Minimalists, and all other Human Beings

In Japan they have a word: Chindogu. Tofugu defines it as “the refined Japanese art of making unuseless inventions“. Now, I’m not sure which word stood out to you in that sentence, but… Continue reading

Team Arrow Goes Like The (Solar) Wind

If, like me, you are so enmeshed with your electronic devices that you don’t manually follow things like “dates” and “times” anymore, preferring instead to rely on your thingy to bingle when something… Continue reading

The Octonauts and the Ocean Gyre Cleanup

The ocean is full of currents, which surge powerfully across the globe. But sometimes these currents form eddies, which go round and round and round, concentrating rubbish in whatcha-me-call-its known as ocean gyres.… Continue reading

The 70th Anniversary of Fred Marsh’s Famous World Tour

The term “world tour” had different overtones in my grandparents’ day. Fred Marsh was best man at their wedding before he embarked on his. Arguably, a highlight was the celebrated Operation Jaywick, during… Continue reading

My Kids, India’s Food

Our son is a terrifically good eater, so long as we serve him food which is devoid of chilli or cumin. And hide the mushrooms. Oh, and don’t serve him drinks other than… Continue reading

Mr Elephant Goes to the High Commission

This post is for all my expatriate compatriots, the civically minded, the democratically inclined, the embarrassingly fond of plush toys, and my son, who honestly thought we were taking him boating today (I… Continue reading

Trifectas and Getai

This is the part of blogging I suck at. (Shh, I didn’t ask for your view anyway.) (Although my goodness, you are totally right and maybe I should rethink not just my web… Continue reading

The Big Four-Eight

Today’s the day of Singapore’s Forty-Eighth Anniversary National Day Parade (sometimes shortened to NDP13 for those who, like me, wish to convey that they’re hip enough to be part of an exclusive crowd… Continue reading