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DC, as in Washington

The most specific memory I have of Washington DC ┬áis of freaking out the president’s security guards. Oh sure, we wandered around the Mall, the Smithsonians, the Lincoln Memorial, the White House (exterior)… Continue reading

Ten* Dollars Off the Skypark Observation Deck and a Free Cup of Tea

Blink in Singapore, and they’ll whack up a new building. A few years ago, they decided to go one further and put a sort of boat-shaped thing on top and an “edgeless” pool… Continue reading

Two Ways From Harbourfront Station

What don’t we like about Singapore? The miraculously unvandalised indoor-outdoor public toilets? The seemingly endless birthday party rehearsals? The laws specifically directing us not to spit, chew gum, or point lasers at aircraft?… Continue reading

Bonsai and Gangnam Style

Have you ever been on a long-haul flight home from somewhere across the world, when all of a sudden the plane lands and the pilot says, “Yeah, we’re in Singapore, you have to… Continue reading

New York To Boston, and Back Again

So what did Adam end up doing in New York? Worked a lot, predictably. The rest has been difficult to glean, what with the antisocial time difference and the commandeering of skype sessions… Continue reading

New York, New York (and Boston)

A (aka Dad) left on a business trip to New York this morning. It happens occasionally. When he announced it a few weeks back, I did what I always do on these occasions:… Continue reading

Brisbane, Gold Coast

We’ve made it home unscathed from our trip to the Gold Coast, so let’s see how it compared to our original plans. Who Went? One 2yo, one 5yo, Mum and Dad (plus meet-ups… Continue reading


Who Went? One 2yo and Mum. I also took an embryo, so technically it was my first solo trip with two children. We met up with Vita and her son, and also D.… Continue reading

Hong Kong

Who Went? 3yo, 9mo, Mum and Dad, Grandmother (“Nanny”). Mum attended a two-day conference. Review: From my point of view it worked ok. Dad and Nanny seemed a little stressed a couple of… Continue reading


Who Went? One 9mo, mum and dad. Review: Nice one-stop holiday. Locals are friendly, with a relatively restrained culture. Modern facilities and trendy eating places, with great food available to suit all palates,… Continue reading