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Being On Malpe Beach (Story at Top, Guide At Bottom)

We took our swimming togs with us to the beach, but we never used them. On the train from Bangalore to Udupi, apropos (as far as I could tell) of nothing, P suddenly… Continue reading

The Octonauts and the Ocean Gyre Cleanup

The ocean is full of currents, which surge powerfully across the globe. But sometimes these currents form eddies, which go round and round and round, concentrating rubbish in whatcha-me-call-its known as ocean gyres.… Continue reading

Late to the Fashion Party wearing a Dress Grandma Made Me

It’s late. I’m upset because even after all this internet the only way I can reliably filter rooms according to basic, minimum requirements – such as number of sleeping spaces – is painstakingly… Continue reading

Ten* Dollars Off the Skypark Observation Deck and a Free Cup of Tea

Blink in Singapore, and they’ll whack up a new building. A few years ago, they decided to go one further and put a sort of boat-shaped thing on top and an “edgeless” pool… Continue reading

Two Ways From Harbourfront Station

What don’t we like about Singapore? The miraculously unvandalised indoor-outdoor public toilets? The seemingly endless birthday party rehearsals? The laws specifically directing us not to spit, chew gum, or point lasers at aircraft?… Continue reading

Trifectas and Getai

This is the part of blogging I suck at. (Shh, I didn’t ask for your view anyway.) (Although my goodness, you are totally right and maybe I should rethink not just my web… Continue reading

Bonsai and Gangnam Style

Have you ever been on a long-haul flight home from somewhere across the world, when all of a sudden the plane lands and the pilot says, “Yeah, we’re in Singapore, you have to… Continue reading

The Big Four-Eight

Today’s the day of Singapore’s Forty-Eighth Anniversary National Day Parade (sometimes shortened to NDP13 for those who, like me, wish to convey that they’re hip enough to be part of an exclusive crowd… Continue reading

To Infinity and Beyond

At some point in 2015/2016, our family will be going boldly where no two-to-five-year-old has ever gone before. If you, too, have the requisite amount of bravery, head to kickstarter before the 26th… Continue reading


Who Went? One 2yo and Mum. I also took an embryo, so technically it was my first solo trip with two children. We met up with Vita and her son, and also D.… Continue reading