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Bits of November: The Thing About Coming Home

To summarise: I left my job. I looked for a new job! I found a Christmas locum. It was in Australia. I am in Australia now.┬áIt’s been one of those weeks. There have… Continue reading

Bits of September: Barely Managing

I’ve decided my favourite management technique is all of them. When we used logical consequences our kids honed their rhetorical skills. When we used empathy and connection our kids developed their powers of… Continue reading

Bits of August – The Power of Friendship, Milkshakes, and Hypothetical Rifts In The Space-Time Continuum

We did it. We registered P for primary school. Our final choice was made on Wednesday night, just after the Ministry of Education published the list of schools available for Phase Three on… Continue reading

Bits of July: How To Ensure People Listen To You

People don’t listen to me as often as I think they should – or, rather, when I think they should. (Certain kids seem good enough at hearing what I don’t want them to.)… Continue reading

Bits of June: No Sleep Til Friday

It was my fault at the beginning. Actually, no. Scratch that. The school holidays have been going on for a month now and I’ve reached the point where staying up til 2am mindlessly… Continue reading

Bits of May: How To Look Smart And Alienate People

Last week, I was accused of being “smart”. I felt a bit guilty about it, because I didn’t even come up with the technique which gives that impression. The trick, you see, is… Continue reading