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Outside In

I’m not sure how the idea came about. I guess once Singapore was sufficiently consumed by air-conditioned shopping malls people starting craving for nature, so they built some land and put jungles inside… Continue reading

Indian Marriage Ceremony vs Western-Style Wedding

I’ll say two things. First – India is a diverse nation of many cultural traditions, and “western” (this isn’t the second thing; the first is a two-parter) is a term so vague as… Continue reading

Being On Malpe Beach (Story at Top, Guide At Bottom)

We took our swimming togs with us to the beach, but we never used them. On the train from Bangalore to Udupi, apropos (as far as I could tell) of nothing, P suddenly… Continue reading

Bangalore and Malpe Beach

In the beginning, I was smug. We’d been in India several hours, and (upon questioning) A had described it as “a lot like Singapore, so far”. This was, of course, my plan –… Continue reading

Family Travel Lab: Toy Box In Your Hair

Something about the thought of long, back-to-back train journeys alone with a five-year-old sent me into a bit of a travel games research spin – which is how my travel entertainment post went… Continue reading

Permission to Come Abroard

Imagine my daughter and I near Farrer Road MRT station, blinking in the sunlight and saying, “Well. That’s that then.” Not exciting? It was to us. We have just, you see, submitted our… Continue reading

Two Ways From Harbourfront Station

What don’t we like about Singapore? The miraculously unvandalised indoor-outdoor public toilets? The seemingly endless birthday party rehearsals? The laws specifically directing us not to spit, chew gum, or point lasers at aircraft?… Continue reading

Shadows on the Screen

This is how you leave a place: you tell yourself you’ll come back. And maybe you will. But sometimes, far down the road, you wonder what on earth you’d be coming back for.… Continue reading

Bonsai and Gangnam Style

Have you ever been on a long-haul flight home from somewhere across the world, when all of a sudden the plane lands and the pilot says, “Yeah, we’re in Singapore, you have to… Continue reading

New York To Boston, and Back Again

So what did Adam end up doing in New York? Worked a lot, predictably. The rest has been difficult to glean, what with the antisocial time difference and the commandeering of skype sessions… Continue reading