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Web Resources we used when Planning our Family Holiday to Japan

The crew over at And Three To Go are off to Japan in a bit over a month, and I promised a rundown of our most useful web resources. I didn’t promise her… Continue reading

Multicultural Kids Blogs Telephone VLog

This week the Multicultural Kids Bloggers are vlogging about family travel. By telephone. Well, it’s a conversation, you see, it’s like face time, around the world. My question came from Cordelia of Multilingual… Continue reading

DC, as in Washington

The most specific memory I have of Washington DC  is of freaking out the president’s security guards. Oh sure, we wandered around the Mall, the Smithsonians, the Lincoln Memorial, the White House (exterior)… Continue reading

Ten (Comparatively) Fun Things To Do With An Airline Sick Bag

On Saturday morning, before I’d even stumbled out of bed, I was greeted by an offer of tea. P had shaken his fever and was sporting the newly-reinvigorated disposition of the recently sick.… Continue reading

The Saga of the Smashed Glass Window

Tasmania is famous for its seafood. Maybe that’s why P came the raw prawn. “This rock just… fell from the sky!” he said. His voice oozed wonder as he described, in detail, the… Continue reading

Hobart, near Hobart, and only slightly further away from Hobart

Our Tasmanian holiday was merry and fabulous and wonderful and inspiring and joyful and delightful and merry – judging from the photos, which for practical reasons weren’t taken when I was otherwise occupied… Continue reading

Entertainment Tonight

Usually, around this far out from travelling with the kids, I panic and buy something. A new colouring book. Magnetic putty. Pharmaceuticals. But something from the last trip has changed all that. Well, alright,… Continue reading

Tasmania, especially around Hobart

When I think of Tassie, I don’t think of mania. On the contrary – it has a reputation for being relatively laid back, and remember, I’m comparing it to the rest of Australia.… Continue reading

Twenty-Four Gift Ideas (Plus A Bonus Idea) for Travellers, Expats, Minimalists, and all other Human Beings

In Japan they have a word: Chindogu. Tofugu defines it as “the refined Japanese art of making unuseless inventions“. Now, I’m not sure which word stood out to you in that sentence, but… Continue reading

Camping on Pulau Ubin

What would you do if you had a long weekend in south-east Asia? Don’t tell me yet. Last week, I trawled through websites, blogs, and even had actual conversations, gathering answer after answer.… Continue reading