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Entertainment Tonight

Usually, around this far out from travelling with the kids, I panic and buy something. A new colouring book. Magnetic putty. Pharmaceuticals. But something from the last trip has changed all that. Well, alright,… Continue reading

Five Ways to Usher Small Children Through an Airport without Losing or Killing Anyone

I’m sure the reason those top-ten-tips-for-travelling-with-children articles keep telling parents to “gate check the stroller” is because many parents find this solution helpful, and not because there’s some conspiracy of people who enjoy… Continue reading

Active Service: Travel Snacks for Children

What can the ordinary, travelling parent learn from US Navy Seals about snacking on the go? It’s a question anybody would ask, should their daughter randomly haul The US Navy Seal Guide To… Continue reading

Children and Chopsticks

Lots of kids have the opportunity to travel at least as far as their local Chinese takeaway, and although we all know you can fall back on hand-feeding or forks, why would you… Continue reading

Celestron Travelscope 70

How did I get it? A few months ago, I went down to our local telescope shop to look into making a purchase, and quickly became overwhelmed. So I employed that tried and… Continue reading

The Toilet Training Traveller

Toilet training and travel. Do they mix? Our eldest toilet trained – day and night – during a three-month hiatus between holidays, so we never had the pleasure of finding out. I thoroughly recommend taking… Continue reading

Trunki Boostapak

This is a review of the Trunki Boostapak. If you’re looking for a review of the Trunki Pull-Along Suitcase, it’s over here. How Did I Get It? I bought it from a baby… Continue reading

An Ordinately-Inordinate Number of Ways to Encourage a Young Child to be Unnaturally Quiet and Still without using a lot of Heavy and Possibly Illegal Equipment

The aim here is to pack light and keep it simple and versatile. Here are our go-to, out-of-your-suitcase ideas (and some warnings) for entertaining kids under five (ish) whilst travelling – sort-of-roughly by… Continue reading

Ring Sling

How Did I Get It? I bought it from a baby shop. (They are widely available from many different sources.) Where, when and how often do I use it? I used it when… Continue reading

Ergo Baby Carrier

How did I get it? I bought it from a baby shop. Where, when and how often do I use it? Absolutely all the time when the kids were younger. Less often since… Continue reading