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Travel Insurance: The Devil in the Detail

When the excellent Where’s Sharon? wrote this helpful guest post about travelling pregnant, there was one very important thing she didn’t highlight: pregnancy travel insurance may not really exist. I’ve checked. Now, I… Continue reading

The Cat Herder and the Organised Holiday

When the cat’s away- I’m experimenting with bringing back 70’s disco-speak, since I didn’t get to try it the first time around. Mum – if you’re reading – feel free to tell me… Continue reading

Children and Chopsticks

Lots of kids have the opportunity to travel at least as far as their local Chinese takeaway, and although we all know you can fall back on hand-feeding or forks, why would you… Continue reading

Ain’t Misbehaving – Late Toddler (2-3yo)

This post is part of a series about planning for good behaviour when travelling with young kids. It’s a kind of developmental approach. You can find the introduction here and I’ve also written… Continue reading

Ain’t Misbehaving – Crawlers and Early Toddlers (8mo – 2yo)

This post is part of a series about planning for good behaviour when travelling with young kids. It starts with my general approach and continues with a section on babes in arms. This… Continue reading

Kids and Jet Lag – Your Sleep Issues Multiplied

Does your child yawn when tired? Do you see eye-rubbing or a tell-tale glassy-eyed stare? Do they start to droop sleepily and cuddle in with their head on your shoulder when they need… Continue reading

The Toilet Training Traveller

Toilet training and travel. Do they mix? Our eldest toilet trained – day and night – during a three-month hiatus between holidays, so we never had the pleasure of finding out. I thoroughly recommend taking… Continue reading

Four Meltdown Triggers To Consider When Planning A Trip With Young Children

Is it more difficult to parent children away from home? Yes and no – but since good news never made headlines, let’s focus on the “yes”. When you’re away from home, rules can… Continue reading

An Ordinately-Inordinate Number of Ways to Encourage a Young Child to be Unnaturally Quiet and Still without using a lot of Heavy and Possibly Illegal Equipment

The aim here is to pack light and keep it simple and versatile. Here are our go-to, out-of-your-suitcase ideas (and some warnings) for entertaining kids under five (ish) whilst travelling – sort-of-roughly by… Continue reading

You Take the Ankles and I’ll Take the Wrists

On every journey, there are points at which you’ll be expected to do at least three things at once. Say you’re getting off a tuk tuk in Thailand, for example. You’ll have to… Continue reading