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Delinquent Itinerants: A Guide To Discipline for Young Travellers

So! So. I’m going to open this can of worms. How do we react when the kids behave poorly on holiday? And when I say “we” I mean you, I’m just trying not to… Continue reading

The Parent (Child, Luggage) Swap

I’m home! Alone. And not because I misplaced the children (again). We decided to maximise the children’s stay with their relatives by using our latest family travel manoeuvre, which I’ve decided to call… Continue reading


The only way I can ensure we arrive at our destination with everyone’s toothbrushes is to use the trip as an excuse to upgrade to new ones.

Entertainment Tonight

Usually, around this far out from travelling with the kids, I panic and buy something. A new colouring book. Magnetic putty. Pharmaceuticals. But something from the last trip has changed all that. Well, alright,… Continue reading

Children and Squat Toilets: Everything you ever wanted to know and a whole stack of things you probably didn’t

On more than one occasion (i.e. two occasions) I have introduced the child of a newly-arrived expat to the ways of the squat toilet. Usually this is because squat toilets are less popular… Continue reading

The Land of Nod: Sleep Options for Travelling with Young Children

To some, holidays are for sleeping in. To others, holidays are for staying up. In our house, opinions are divided – the parents like to sleep in and the kids like to stay… Continue reading

Twenty-Four Gift Ideas (Plus A Bonus Idea) for Travellers, Expats, Minimalists, and all other Human Beings

In Japan they have a word: Chindogu. Tofugu defines it as “the refined Japanese art of making unuseless inventions“. Now, I’m not sure which word stood out to you in that sentence, but… Continue reading

Family Travel Lab: Toy Box In Your Hair

Something about the thought of long, back-to-back train journeys alone with a five-year-old sent me into a bit of a travel games research spin – which is how my travel entertainment post went… Continue reading

Five Ways to Usher Small Children Through an Airport without Losing or Killing Anyone

I’m sure the reason those top-ten-tips-for-travelling-with-children articles keep telling parents to “gate check the stroller” is because many parents find this solution helpful, and not because there’s some conspiracy of people who enjoy… Continue reading

Active Service: Travel Snacks for Children

What can the ordinary, travelling parent learn from US Navy Seals about snacking on the go? It’s a question anybody would ask, should their daughter randomly haul The US Navy Seal Guide To… Continue reading