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The Failed Bus Journey from James Bond Island

We bussedĀ five and a half hours from Singapore to KL and four more from Hat Yai to Krabi without trouble. The ride that unhinged us took only an hour. What would you have… Continue reading

Five equipment-free travel games which help ease culture shock by creating a mental cocoon (transport edition)

Managing culture shock in children is a delicate business. I’ve already told you we like to start trips with long periods of overland travel (in order to introduce the kids gently to their… Continue reading

Five equipment-free travel games which help ease culture shock by promoting gentle engagement (transport edition)

We made it to Phuket – by bus, LRT, train, minivan, and taxi. Not everyone appreciates the wisdom of travelling overland like this with two kids, aged three and six, but our reasons… Continue reading

I May Have Overshot A Little (Travelling Anywhere With Sensitive Children)

It’s not a secret we’ve had to deal with a rigid and sensitive traveller – one who suffers culture shock badly, finds it hard to sleep in strange places, and refuses foreign foods.… Continue reading

Ways to tackle kids kicking the back of the seat, given that you probably can’t cut their legs off, especially with airline security restrictions against sharp objects

A developmental paediatrician once told me most of his patients were three-year-olds. And most of the time, his treatment involved reassuring parents that their child was, in fact, developmentally normal and would probably… Continue reading

Travel Hack: How To Run Kids Around Safely Whilst Standing Still Holding A Camera

Remember how, when cameras still had wind-on levers and used film cartridges which took several weeks to develop into photos via the local chemist, it was hilarious to take shots in panorama and… Continue reading

Web Resources we used when Planning our Family Holiday to Japan

The crew over at And Three To Go are off to Japan in a bit over a month, and I promised a rundown of our most useful web resources. I didn’t promise her… Continue reading

Travel Hack: Small Heads, Big Airline Headphones

A pessimist sees the glass as half empty. An optimist sees the glass as half full. An engineer, being of a more practical persuasion, sees a glass which is the wrong size for… Continue reading

Multicultural Kids Blogs Telephone VLog

This week the Multicultural Kids Bloggers are vlogging about family travel. By telephone. Well, it’s a conversation, you see, it’s like face time, around the world. My question came from Cordelia of Multilingual… Continue reading

Ten (Comparatively) Fun Things To Do With An Airline Sick Bag

On Saturday morning, before I’d even stumbled out of bed, I was greeted by an offer of tea. P had shaken his fever and was sporting the newly-reinvigorated disposition of the recently sick.… Continue reading