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Just Like The Wind

This post will be quick. Mainly to help create an illusion that my run was, likewise, speedy. When I first heard about the 9th International Laguna Phuket “Family Run” I was full of… Continue reading

The Spy Who Loved Krabi

The short version is we travelled a long way, then we stopped. The long version is more exciting. It involves the underhanded thrill of bribery, mad dashes for trains, murderous hunters, vicious poisons,… Continue reading

Krabi, Phuket

We did lots of stuff in Thailand other than ward off culture shock (and concern over military coups) using therapeutic travel games. We also admired limestone karsts, climbed twelve hundred and sixty steps to… Continue reading

Singapore to Kuala Lumpur by Train

Different things inspire different people to go on different holidays. In our case, it was a backpack, a refund, and some hoarded money. The refund was our flip-key deposit from our trip to… Continue reading

Petro “Sains”, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I don’t speak Malay. I’d assumed the “sains” in “Petrosains” translated roughly as it was pronounced: sai-ince. It was even billed to me as a “science centre”. After our visit this weekend, I… Continue reading

Twas mimsy, and the slithy snow

There are words to describe the snow we found at Nozawa Onsen, but I don’t know them. The problem isn’t that I speak English, as opposed to a language better adapted to the… Continue reading

The Quest for Kiriake Springs

It was an astonishing journey – a wild goose chase across Nagano Prefecture along icy, mountain roads, in a hired minivan slightly shorter than the prevailing walls of snow – but we were… Continue reading

Kawazu, Nozawa Onsen, Tsumago and Tokyo

Ask me if I’m tired. I’m sorry, I faded out for a moment there, did you say something? When I originally sketched out the itinerary for this trip, it was fairly simple: fly… Continue reading

Hobart, near Hobart, and only slightly further away from Hobart

Our Tasmanian holiday was merry and fabulous and wonderful and inspiring and joyful and delightful and merry – judging from the photos, which for practical reasons weren’t taken when I was otherwise occupied… Continue reading

Camping on Pulau Ubin

What would you do if you had a long weekend in south-east Asia? Don’t tell me yet. Last week, I trawled through websites, blogs, and even had actual conversations, gathering answer after answer.… Continue reading