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Race Around The World: An Australian in Singapore

When Holistic Wayfarer invited me to join her Race Around The World project, what I thought wasn’t,”Oh! This is a great chance to show how enlightened we all are as a family!” Instead,… Continue reading

Bringing Your Pet To Singapore: What Your Vet Wishes You Knew

As some of you know, I’m a vet. This is a great qualification to have as a mum, because when your child defiantly asserts that he could eat what you just told him… Continue reading

The Barber And Her Skill

Several (three) people have commented recently on my looks. Apparently there’s been a noticeable improvement, which I attribute to three factors. Firstly, T has learned to use our doorknobs. This means, instead of waking… Continue reading

Diabolical Materialism

We had another one of those awkward conversations at school recently. The teacher usually starts off by asking if we teach P at home, and I usually say no until the the third… Continue reading

The language of friendship, at the worldwide cafe

The boys next door are leaving. I heard mumblings a few weeks back, and now it’s confirmed. Such is life in transient Singapore, where the expats come and go so fast the locals tend… Continue reading

Singapore Public Transport: Now With Extra Free! (and/or expenses, depending on demographic)

It happened. The controversial Singapore public transport fare hike and the accompanying round of concessions. Last week we ran down P’s child-sized ez-link card and set it aside for a year of free transport,… Continue reading

Helicopter Swimming

I’ll get back to our holiday to Japan, I will, but first I want to tell you about something that happened today. We went helicopter swimming. It’s not as fun as that sounds.… Continue reading

The Non-Competitive Children’s Birthday

I’m a terribly stingy mother. P didn’t have a proper birthday party until he was four. To mark the occasion, I decided to do all the stuff you’re supposed to – a theme… Continue reading

Jack Neo: The Film-Going Expat’s Guide To Singapore

It’s Singapore, and you can tell another year’s started because there’s a new Jack Neo film in the cinema. You’ve got to admire the man’s ability to put moving pictures on a screen, although… Continue reading

Used Bikes for the New Year (plus a second-hand shopping guide to Singapore)

It’s Chinese New Year in Singapore, and if the terrible puns (let’s gallop into an horse-picious new year; wishing you good luck and horse-perity) haven’t clued you in on which animal’s up next in… Continue reading