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On Death And Writing and Lee Kuan Yew

A couple of people have asked where I’ve been, and this is the story. It’s about writing, and death, and the fact that I now have two children attending school at the same… Continue reading

Chinese New Year: Handy Phrases For Dining At A Chinese Restaurant With Kids

The best thing about starting a new calendar year in Singapore is that if you have a bit of a stuff up – say you spend the first night on an aeroplane with two… Continue reading

Five Cees (but not “Columbia”)

In the old internet debate between maintaining privacy and “keeping it real”, there can be no finer argument than the ability to look back a year and see that, as a family, we’ve transitioned from… Continue reading

The Four Things You Learn In The Dark

Earlier this year, we briefly discussed booking an exotic travel experience for our fifteenth wedding anniversary. “We could go for the weekend to some fabulous foreign city.” “Yes!” “But not together.” “…” “Instead, we’d… Continue reading

Work, Life, Singapore, Primary One School Registration, and Gaming The System

Just before we moved to Singapore I had this colleague who was very talented but didn’t know it. Every time he had to make a decision he second-guessed himself. He would spend ages… Continue reading

“Dying is Very Bad Feng-Shui”

One of the first books I picked up as a newly-arrived expat to Singapore was The Feng Shui Detective Goes South. I have to say the rest of my expat experience hasn’t been… Continue reading

Kid Start Now – P’s First Holiday Camp

A few months ago I was sitting around planting seeds of enthusiasm into P’s brain for some sort of holiday camp. “What’s a holiday camp?” The inclusion of the word “camp” had obviously… Continue reading


There’s little that would make more sense (given the prevailing heat and humidity of Singapore) than spending this solstice weekend peering at our nearest star through a filtered telescope. No wait! There’s at least five… Continue reading

Bringing Your Pet To Singapore: What Your Vet Wishes You Knew

As some of you know, I’m a vet. This is a great qualification to have as a mum, because when your child defiantly asserts that he could eat what you just told him… Continue reading

The Barber And Her Skill

Several (three) people have commented recently on my looks. Apparently there’s been a noticeable improvement, which I attribute to three factors. Firstly, T has learned to use our doorknobs. This means, instead of waking… Continue reading