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Indian Marriage Ceremony vs Western-Style Wedding

I’ll say two things. First – India is a diverse nation of many cultural traditions, and “western” (this isn’t the second thing; the first is a two-parter) is a term so vague as… Continue reading

Being On Malpe Beach (Story at Top, Guide At Bottom)

We took our swimming togs with us to the beach, but we never used them. On the train from Bangalore to Udupi, apropos (as far as I could tell) of nothing, P suddenly… Continue reading

Bangalore and Malpe Beach

In the beginning, I was smug. We’d been in India several hours, and (upon questioning) A had described it as “a lot like Singapore, so far”. This was, of course, my plan –… Continue reading


In hindsight, it’s a stretch to say I “decided” to buy a new outfit for this wedding in India. What I actually did was get kind of swept from one scenario to the… Continue reading

Permission to Come Abroard

Imagine my daughter and I near Farrer Road MRT station, blinking in the sunlight and saying, “Well. That’s that then.” Not exciting? It was to us. We have just, you see, submitted our… Continue reading

My Kids, India’s Food

Our son is a terrifically good eater, so long as we serve him food which is devoid of chilli or cumin. And hide the mushrooms. Oh, and don’t serve him drinks other than… Continue reading

In Which Our Protagonists Become Involved in an Indian Wedding

Everything I know about Indian weddings, I learnt from Bollywood. Bollywod has instilled vague expectations of wildly energetic, highly choreographed dance numbers, decorated elephants, and tense, emotional scenes involving past love interests, and… Continue reading

Axles of Choice

I promised my son the final choice on our mother-son train trip across India from Bangalore. Not just a real choice, as opposed to one of those demands politely phrased as “choices” we’ve… Continue reading

Riding The Indian Railway

Some people travel to see what’s there. Others are looking for something. In India, I want to find bustling train stations; long stretches of track curling into wherever; hundreds of well-worked carriages rocking… Continue reading

An Eight-Year-Old’s Guide to Bangalore

I’ve often thought about a family holiday to India, but in my mind it always went more like this, mainly because one of our children hates noise and commotion, having his picture taken,… Continue reading