#Countdown2Xmas: Advent-ures in Calendar Making

I was organised this year. I found one of these cute little Kaiser Craft house things with twenty-five windows and thought, “Ooh! The kids and I will have fun! We’ll decorate it ourselves with joy, love, and close-harmony singing! Possibly also tinsel.” So I bought it and took it home and proceeded to make these sorts of faces:

#Countdown2Xmas : Advent-ures in Calendar Making | Journeys of the Fabulist


…as I begged the children for the umpteenth time to please, please not touch anything until I say because it’s very fiddly and I’m not sure what I’m doing but they can definitely put all the stickers on at the end, except WHAT DID I SAY? NOW THAT STICKER WON’T BE GOING ANYWHERE BUT THE BIN, WILL IT? WHY WON’T ANYONE LISTEN TO ME then I found out there were several parts missing and I had to go back to the shop and, but, anyway we finished it in the long run and the whole family filled its drawers with the wonder of the season, which in P’s case meant Star Wars-themed Christmas greetings. (“The light sabres are hanging down like Christmas lights.” He makes us wonder.)

Then we (temporarily) left the country. So this is the laboriously-decorated advent calendar we currently don’t have access to:

Kaiser Craft House Of Drawers Advent Calendar

And this is the replacement one we made hastily this week, also known as The Design We Should Have Gone For In The First Place.

How To Make An Advent Calendar So You Actually Have Fun With Your Three And Six Year Old

#Countdown2Xmas : Advent-ures in Calendar Making | Journeys of the Fabulist

You will need:

  • Twenty-five envelopes
  • Twenty-five pieces of paper
  • Assorted colouring pencils, crayons, Christmas stickers and/or stamps, glitter, etc.
I forgot to take a nice photo of the materials but you get the idea.

You get the idea.

What To Do:

  1. Number the envelopes one to twenty-five.
  2. Have the kids decorate the envelopes more or less by themselves using minimal supervision and no shouting or horrid faces.
  3. Pile up the envelopes on the windowsill where the dogs can’t reach them.
  4. Distribute the paper. Each person is to make Christmas drawings, messages or poems as the urge takes them, put each one in an envelope, and seal it up.
  5. Each day in December, gather together to open the corresponding envelope and exclaim over its contents.
  6. Have a Merry Christmas. The End.

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