My First (And Possibly Last) Blog Giveaway

*The Giveaway Is Now Closed* You can still take the poll for fun, though.

I woke early this morning.

“Wasn’t expecting to see you conscious,” Æ said.

“Yeah! My sleep quality was at 98% last night, so after only 7 hours and 39 minutes, covering a couple of REM cycles, I just magically came to.” I showed him the sleep graph on my phone. “I thought I was feeling refreshed.”

“Well thank goodness you have an app to confirm that.”

“Really takes the guesswork out of wondering whether I’m tired or not.”

I’m probably due for some time away from the screens. But since that’s not about to happen, I want to use them to help get rid of my guide books instead.

You’ve already helped me see that in a world where some of us can’t take a simple rest without garnering feedback from our devices, the guide book collection is on its way to becoming a weirdly incomplete (not to mention impersonal) record of our life’s travels.

You’ve helped me see that I don’t really understand why anyone would seriously want to collect them.

You’ve helped me fantasise, briefly, about touring back through all the places I missed before the guides become absolutely completely useless, to leave the books behind at various guest houses for other people to mull over. And that was a pretty sweet fantasy, so I really appreciate that.

I’m also grateful to everyone who told me that, in my shoes, they’d keep them, because it’s nice to have people confirm that this is a perfectly normal instinct, if an unhelpful one in an information-rich, post-scarcity world.

But as I sorted through the pile once more, and even added another guide to it – one I’d been holding back – I realised something else: there’s a perfectly useful Rough Guide To Travel With Babies And Young Children in there.

Rough Guide To Travel With Babies And Young Children Giveaway.

Book may have been licked.

Oh! I thought. I often write about travelling with young children. There might be someone reading my blog who is just planning their first trip with a child under five who could use this book! I should ask. It could be my first (and possibly last) blog giveaway.

My First (And Possibly Last) Blog Giveaway*

So here it is, folks. Do you want me to post you a second-hand copy of The Rough Guide To Travel With Babies And Young Children? All you have to do to enter is complete this poll:

And don’t forget also to contact me with a message saying “Please can I have the guide book?” because the poll is not going to record any identifying information or indeed be of any practical use in this exercise at all.

If I get more than one response**, I’ll draw names from a hat. So maybe include your name in the message, too. And an email where I can write to you and ask for your address if necessary. Closes in one week!

For those not especially interested in having me post you a second-hand copy of the RGTTWB&YC but who may have noticed I’m not blogging as much lately, please be assured that my blogging time has been spent on a top-secret collaborative blog project which will be a complete (but hopefully pleasant) waste of your time. Publication date: soon (ish)! So stay tuned. And sleep well.

P.S. On the off-chance you’d rather have a slightly out-of-date guide to Morocco or India or something, feel free to send me a note about that, too. Well, maybe not India, unless you’re in Singapore. India is big and the guide book is correspondingly weighty and expensive to post.

*This is not a sponsored post and contains no affiliate links. This is just me trying to clear out my house a bit.

**If I get less than one response I will quietly pretend that I posted it to a devoted reader while actually offloading it locally, possibly to a charity shop.