“Dying is Very Bad Feng-Shui”

One of the first books I picked up as a newly-arrived expat to Singapore was The Feng Shui Detective Goes South.

I have to say the rest of my expat experience hasn’t been quite so full of geomancy, deadly villains in helicopters, or broken aircon (although I did once book a last-minute flight to Sydney), but Nury Vittachi nevertheless provides a stealthy insight into the Singaporean interaction between the ancient, the modern, and the downright foreign in his series of detective story adventures starring Mr Wong and his young assistant – ‘third culture kid’ Joyce. Also, there’s chicken entrails.

The Feng Shui Detective Goes South by Nury Vittachi - Multicultural Kids Read Around The World Summer Series, Singapore

Definitely a good read for anyone who’s ever wondered if it’s important to know how auspicious their palms are.


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