Bits of June: No Sleep Til Friday

It was my fault at the beginning. Actually, no. Scratch that.

The school holidays have been going on for a month now and I’ve reached the point where staying up til 2am mindlessly browsing through Trip Advisor adding cities to my profile sounds like the best idea ever, if only because it doesn’t involve, nor is it likely to lead to, any human interaction. I thus absolve myself of blame, but I’m also not going to show you my profile, because I don’t need the encouragement.

One rough day, though, I thought, and I’ll sleep it all off. I was wrong.

The second night was entirely T’s fault. She spent almost all of it thrashing and wailing in her sleep, despite the efforts of Æ and I to provide her with water/toilet opportunities/changes in room temperature/a parent to sleep next to. By the next morning I had entered full zombie mode, so I consumed my own body weight in coffee.

It’ll wear off before bed time, I thought. It didn’t.

To make matters worse, I spent the afternoon reclining wishfully on our bed as the kids played a game using weighted helium balloons, which would have been fine except the balloons stayed in our bedroom such that on the third night they woke me at frequent intervals by banging together with the breeze of the fan, whereupon I would freak the flip out because do you know how spooky it is to half-wake and see an eerie balloon spectre wafting mysteriously about the foot of your bed?

The cat agrees with me, by the way.

The cat agrees with me, by the way.

It would have made sense to remove them to the hallway but I guess I was too tired/addled with caffeine to think straight.

So I’m bushwhacked and I want you to help me. My reader is full of unread goodness and I’m never going to be able to sort through it, but maybe if I tell you the awesome stuff I got to in June, you can tell me what you saw and I can finally sleep happy, fourth night lucky. Ready? Let’s go.

Me, Elsewhere:

  • At the ultra-important end of the spectrum, it’s the #randomlimerick of the month (this time written by Æ, but voted upon by you, or at least people like you, or at least they might be like you and if they’re not sufficiently like you then you can totally get in on the voting, that is, if you want).
  • We went to Thailand. (For those also catching up.)
  • Before and (tellingly) also after our trip, I set out to pin more tips on travelling with children from people who are wa-heeey more organised than I am. Some of these tips were used to refine our family packing technique – about which, more later (said darkly).

You, and other Awesome Things:

I know you’ve read something equally awesome! Or at least know how to have a good limerick-off. So let’s do this! Then go to sleep! Yeah!

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