There’s little that would make more sense (given the prevailing heat and humidity of Singapore) than spending this solstice weekend peering at our nearest star through a filtered telescope.

No wait! There’s at least five things which would make more sense. I wrote a whole guest post for Multicultural Kids Blogs on beating the heat Singapore style and, strangely, “stand outside looking closely at something incredibly hot” was not one of them.

Luckily, Singapore is more sensible than we are, and provided enough cloud cover to blot out the big, fiery ball we were seeking. Here we are failing to see it through a small, filtered telescope, despite the help of the lovely people at the Singapore Science Centre Observatory:

Singapore Observatory summer solstice sun not-viewing.

This is P serenading everyone with David Bowie’s Space Oddity as we wait to see if the giant telescope can do any better:

Thematic serenade.

Every so often he’d pause for an “instrumental” and someone would start clapping. Then he’d start up with the next line and they’d look embarrassed and stop.

These guys looked like they knew what they were doing:

But P scientifically refusing to rely on their anecdotal evidence when they finally announced that their efforts had come to naught.

…but P scientifically refused to rely on their anecdotal evidence when they finally announced the sun just couldnt be seen.

I’m so glad we dragged our friends all the way out there to celebrate with us. As they must also be.

Next summer solstice, we’ll definitely go with ice kachang, and I might even see if I can find an adult-sized pair of diamante-studded sunglasses. Or any of the other options I talked about in my more sensible post on how to tackle Singapore’s summer.

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