Bits of May: How To Look Smart And Alienate People

Last week, I was accused of being “smart”. I felt a bit guilty about it, because I didn’t even come up with the technique which gives that impression.

The trick, you see, is not to know a lot or be able to think in complex ways, but to focus on obscure stuff that can be easily brought into everyday conversation, so when you’re (for example) chit-chatting about how groceries are getting more and more expensive these days and everyone else is saying things like, “Yes, I went to buy bananas last week and I nearly fell over when I saw the price tag!” you can pipe up with, “I’ve always wondered how life would be if we traded commodities using a system like that of the ancient Incas.” You won’t have to know very much of this stuff, either, because people will quickly stop trying to talk to you.

In your newly-spare time, you can do things on the internet! I’ll start you off with a roundup of online things from May, and you can fill me in on anything I missed, on account of I don’t seem to have quite alienated everyone I know yet.

Me, Elsewhere:

  • With three whole likes instead of the usual just-one-from-Sue (thanks Sue), it’s theΒ #RandomLimerick Of The Month on google+.
  • Singapore school holidays (aka The Font Of Uncontrolled Excitement) are upon us, so it’s no surprise my Singapore Pinterest Board saw the most activity in May, with holiday-friendly pins for kids at the top. I’ve collected posts on local events as well as favourite attractions.
  • I exist! I proved it to Summer of Rich Summer DazeΒ when her family swung through Singapore en-route to a four-month-long European driving holiday, which she’ll be documenting on her blog. But I can’t prove our meeting existed, because apparently I only took pictures of my lime juice:
I'll explain later.

I’ll explain later, but in the meantime rest assured that is Summer’s husband’s chicken curry in the background.

You, and other Awesome Things:

What awesomeness did I miss? Leave a link in the comments and catch me up. I’ll share it with anyone I come across who’s ostracised themselves by following the methods at the start of this post.

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