Race Around The World: An Australian in Singapore

When Holistic Wayfarer invited me to join her Race Around The World project, what I thought wasn’t,”Oh! This is a great chance to show how enlightened we all are as a family!”

Although I'm happy to report that P is now teasing his sister *in effigy*, which I think is a step *towards* enlightenment.

Although I’m happy to report that P is now teasing his sister in effigy, which I think is a step towards enlightenment.

Instead, I thought, “Wow, I’m about to get us driven out of Singapore like Anton Casey.” Writing stuff on the internet can be tricky. Writing honestly about sensitive issues such as race, culture, ethnicity and the tactless comments your five-year-old makes before he knows any better is even trickier, and then to turn the “edit/publish” button and comment moderation over to somebody else – it’s an exercise in faith and hope.

But the project is a real and rare attempt to have a thoughtful and intimate conversation on a hot-button topic. The interview style seeks to uncover individual perspectives and experiences and explore them gently and respectfully, and the result so far makes a very worthwhile read.

Not only that, but the Holistic Wayfarer worked tirelessly with me for some weeks (as she has with the other guests in her series) to make sure I was conveying myself as accurately as possible, and for my part, I have the distinct advantage of not being a porsche-driving wealth manager with a beauty queen wife and a track record of posting off-putting jokes on facebook and sometimes insinuating that people should blame their mothers if they don’t think I’m funny. So that helps. Not that I have anything against driving porsches or marrying beauty queens.

I’m more than happy, then, to share with you my interview on being an Australian in Singapore (and elsewhere) – even the bits where I don’t shine with enlightenment.

And you can find more stories from around the world (including earlier posts from the series) on the Holistic Wayfarer blog.

Race Around The World: Australian In Singapore (#15 of the Holistic Wayfarer series)

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