Neighbourhood Noticeboard April-June, 2014

These are the bloggers in the neighbourhood:

Bronwyn Joy @ Journeys of the Fabulist: Multi-generational travel to blossoms and snow and a mother-son mystery adventure.
Stormdan @ Mom's-Eye View NYC - Timely Words
SueSlaght @ Travel Tales of Life - Jamaica On Horseback – How To Test Your Marriage
Sharon @ Where's Sharon? - All about international family travel with our very young kids
bavariansojourn @ A Bavarian Sojourn - travel/food/photos/travel/food/photos/food/travel/travel!
Cate Pane @ The Clear Parent - Connecting relevant research to practical parenting in a modern world
Summer @ RichSummerDaze - A family on a European Roadtrip
Quite an Earful @ Quite An Earful - Food, travel, DIY projects
expatlingo @ Expat Lingo - Stomping on the "trailing spouse" moniker!
Jhanis @ The Vanilla Housewife - Lotsa Nonsensical Stuff!
Jenny @ And Three To Go - Expat living and travel adventures with our toddler.
Neighbourhood Noticeboard - Living in the Langhe

Do you remember? In January I made a Neighbourhood Journeyboard.

It sucked a little bit, because the widget linked externally and nobody plans three months’ worth of blog posts ahead of time and also, what’s a “journey board”? plus I decided to do a new one up quarterly without realising that’d land me square on April Fool’s Day. It’s well after lunch here, by the way.

I’m going to try something slightly different!

First! I’m going to call it a Neighbourhood Noticeboard, because we all feel like we know what that means.

Next! I’m going to put the links right here on the page, as you’ve already seen at the top! Unfortunately on I can’t get a fancy widget to do that auto-magically, so please be patient until your link appears.

And! I’m going to provide a picture of an actual noticeboard unique to the April-June 2014 time period, which you can take and use and share and pin back here, as I will do on my new, related, pinterest noticeboard.

Neighbourhood Noticeboard April-June 2014 (Tsumago)

The link from my main menu will remain, and submissions will stay open for the whole three months, as before.

Want to join in?

How it works is you fill in the form below, which will give me the details I need to create a clickable thumbnail for you, to link, pin and share. Then by all means go ahead and link, pin, and share, and especially visit. It’s like a block party, you see, or at least it’s like what I assume people mean when they use the term “block party” which is not a phrase I grew up with.

When you enter your info I take it as read that it’s all yours and you agree for it, including images, to be used like this.

Oh boy, can I send you a picture of an interesting noticeboard for next time?

You can do all that and more! Leave the URL of your image under “anything else?” above, or comment or email me (journeysofthefabulist at gmail), or whatever.

One last thing

Let the record show that as of the first of April 2014, the side-bar poll showed that 38.46% of respondents said they did answer side-bar polls, with 30.77% telling us they didn’t, but actually, yes, they did, and a further 30.77% explaining that they didn’t know (but we can now file them under “yes”, I suppose). Not included: an unknown, but much larger, quantity of visitors who didn’t answer the poll. New sidebar widget probably coming soon.