Multicultural Kids Blogs Telephone VLog

This week the Multicultural Kids Bloggers are vlogging about family travel. By telephone. Well, it’s a conversation, you see, it’s like face time, around the world.

My question came from Cordelia of Multilingual Mama, who asked what our biggest mistake when travelling with kids has been, and although I told myself I’d make a high-end production with plenty of time to spare, I was thwarted by a) my inability to choose just one mistake; and b) a three year old who kept waking up in the middle of the night sobbing because she didn’t want her mouth to say “sheep”. (“I don’t want my mouth to say “sheep” noooooooo it said “sheep” NNNAAAAARGH!” and so on, for ages.)

So to distract you from my low production values, I’ve used a hokey theme. But don’t let that distract you from my main message, which is that when travelling with kids you should try not to:

  • pack everyone’s clothes into neat little packing cubes and then forget to put your own cube in the suitcase
  • let your toddler stay on a merry-go-round until she throws up (over everything)
  • squash three children into the back of a compact car which doesn’t contain any kid’s music CDs
  • assume you’ll get time for a haircut (spa treatment, pedicure, novel-reading session)
  • allow your mother to feed your toddler half a tub of beetroot dip and then NOT pack him a change of clothes in your carry-on
  • leave your carry-on suitcase open on the floor in front of a non-toilet-trained male toddler as you’re washing beetroot diarrhoea out of his clothes

My question is for Annabelle of The Piri-Piri Lexicon. I asked her about the hand gestures her family have found themselves using on holiday and here’s her answer.

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