Ten (Comparatively) Fun Things To Do With An Airline Sick Bag

On Saturday morning, before I’d even stumbled out of bed, I was greeted by an offer of tea. P had shaken his fever and was sporting the newly-reinvigorated disposition of the recently sick. He was smiling. He was offering beverages. He was looking for excuses to climb on the kitchen benches and crawl through the pantry.

But then T got all hot and started vomiting, which was bad for her and not as much fun for the rest of us as you might initially assume. On the up side, it did cause me to reflect upon how much more fun you can have with airline sick bags when you’re using them for pretty much any other purpose than being sick.

Ten (Comparatively) Fun Things To Do With An Airline Sick Bag

1. Mystery object

The Game: One person puts a “mystery” object into a sick bag. The other person has to guess by feeling it.

You Need: An object and a sick bag.

2. Rubbings

The Game: Put a coin, or other flat object, into the sick bag. Use a crayon to make a rubbing. Marvel at the rubbing.

You Need: A crayon and a sick bag.

3. Envelope and Letters

The Game: Write a letter or draw a picture on a sick bag, fold it, and put it into another sick bag. Deliver it to your seat mate.

You Need: A writing implement and TWO sick bags.

4. Telescope

The Game: Roll a sick bag into a cylinder. Look at stuff through it. Say, “Ahoy!”

You Need: A sick bag.

5. Origami

The Game: Show off your origami skills by folding various shapes out of a sick bag.

You Need: Origami skills and a sick bag.

6. Puppetry

The Game: Make a sick bag puppet. Put on a show.

You Need: A sick bag. Helpful: a crayon.

7. Shelter

The Game: Build your sick bag into a hat, teepee, tent, cave, or other shelter. Have various items shelter in your sick bag from monsters, strong sunlight, or simulated rain.

You Need: A sick bag. And stuff. Like a bottle of water with a narrow spout that won’t gush too quickly as you’re trying to pour a little onto your fingers to flick off as simulated rain.

8. Clever Disguise

The Game: Build disguises, such as eyeglasses or beards, out of a sick bag. Talk in funny voices.

You Need: A sick bag.

9. Snow Scape

The Game: Build a snow scape using tiny, rolled-up pieces of a sick bag.

You Need: A container (such as an empty meal tray) and a sick bag. And a crew of flight attendants who won’t freak out when they see all the tiny, tiny pieces of paper.

10. Signal Surrender

The Game: Wave a little piece of sick bag like a white flag to show you’d like someone else to take over the entertainment now.

You Need: Someone else and a sick bag.


You’re someone else. Can you run with it from here?

But not too far! I haveΒ even more tips for travelling with young children!Β 

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