The Neighbourhood Journey Board – January to March 2014

This is the idea, and the idea is this.

It’s like a noticeboard, but with the word “journey” in the title, because life is a “journey” and because “noticeboard” sounded a bit bland and because “journey board” ties in with my blog title and because sometimes, when you try and make up phrases, you end up googling them to see if they already have a meaning and then you end up learning a lot about hospital administration {pdf} and it turns out to be moderately interesting and you think ooh, I like that.

And then you think right, but, where was I?

And then you go make tea and then you think ah, yes – I was trying to think of a way to invite people to add their blogs to a sort of noticeboard so I – and everyone who reads here, too – can see what they’re planning to get up to over the next few months. And not because we’re all a big bunch of sickos.

Village notice board

More this idea. (By Bluedawe via Wikimedia Commons)

How It Works

Your blog details a part of your “journey” in a loose sense of the word, and over the next few months you’ll be writing about something – a topic you’re exploring, a milestone you’re hoping to witness, a season or event you’re planning to experience, a goal you’re working towards, a project you’re undertaking, a destination you’ll be travelling to – and so on and so forth.

You’re probably not planning to write exclusively about that topic, but itΒ will influence the course of your blog for the short-term future.Β Look, don’t get too hung up on this stuff. Just add your blog to this list by way of introduction, which is the main purpose.

And what I hope is that this will make it easier for everyone in this blogging “neighbourhood” to find and get to know each other. On our journeys. So we don’t get bored.

You’ll be able to find the notice board at any time using the link just up and a bit to the right, under the header. The plan is to publish a new list each three months, so this one’s for what you’re doing roughly from January up to the end of March.

The Neighbourhood Journey Board, January to March 2014

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